Finding an Oxygen Concentrator Near Me

Whether you’re a patient newly prescribed oxygen therapy or someone who has been using supplemental oxygen for years, finding the best portable Oxygen concentrator near me can be challenging. Working with a doctor to understand your specific needs will help you choose the right home or travel oxygen concentrator to meet them.

Can I purchase my own oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentrators are different than oxygen tanks in that they don’t contain liquid or gas oxygen, but concentrate the oxygen in the air around them. They do this by pulling in the surrounding air, compressing it, and separating out oxygen from nitrogen and other contaminants that can make breathing difficult. They then deliver this oxygen through a tube that runs to a mask or nasal cannula, allowing you to breathe it in.

Some home oxygen concentrators are larger and designed to be stationary, while others are smaller and more portable, making them ideal for use at home or on the go. The amount of oxygen required by a patient will determine which kind of home oxygen concentrator is necessary for them, as well as whether or not they need a pulse flow or continuous flow setting.

Portable oxygen concentrators are easy to use and allow patients to get out of the house with confidence that they will be able to continue their normal daily activities. Bellevue Healthcare carries an extensive selection of portable oxygen concentrators from top manufacturers including Inogen, as well as accessories and replacement filters.

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