How to Choose the Best Playground Equipment

playground Equipment

Playground Equipment

The best playground Equipment can withstand outdoor conditions, wear and tear and constant use by kids. Look for equipment that is made from high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean. It’s also important to consider the amount of maintenance you’re willing to do. A well-maintained playground can last longer and be more cost-effective in the long run.

Many playground structures include elements that promote gross motor skills, like custom climbers, overhead ladders and rock areas. Climbing these types of structures builds upper body, lower body and core strength as well as balance, agility and hand-eye coordination. Kids who successfully navigate these structures can build confidence and be more persistent when faced with a challenge.

Playgrounds North of the Border: Indoor Equipment for Canadian Kids

Most playgrounds feature ground surfacing that provides fall cushioning to protect children from injuries. Poured rubber, rubber tiles and rubber mulch are common options for surfacing. These surfaces are available in a range of colors and patterns to match the theme of your playground or enhance its aesthetic. They also offer traction and prevent kids from scraping their hands or clothing on exposed metal hardware.

Freestanding playground equipment like spinners, concerto chimes and musical instruments can be great additions to a structure or stand alone features for your playground. These equipment items can help kids develop their musical awareness and encourage cooperative play. They can also be a fun way for kids to burn energy and exercise their bodies. Spinners are especially popular because they allow multiple kids to ride together and increase social interaction in a fun, safe way.

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