How to Block Bots on Instagram

How to block bots on instagram? When you see a sudden deluge of non-sentient word vomit on your Instagram posts, it’s likely that bots are at work. Although in the short term, this can boost your engagement, over time, it can be harmful for your brand. This is because it can distort your engagement metrics, and in the worst case, it can lead to Instagram punishing your account by shadow-banning or banning you completely.

Are Instagram bot followers bad?

While Instagram is working to address this issue, it’s best to be proactive in blocking bots as they come up. To do so, go to your settings and click on ” privacy “. You will find options to hide comments that may be offensive and to create custom words and phrases you would like to block.

Another good way to spot a bot is to look for an account with a low post-to-following ratio. Real users usually have a balanced or natural ratio of accounts they follow to the accounts that follow them, while spam bots tend to follow thousands of followers without producing any content.

Lastly, if you notice that someone has been watching your stories for hours on end, it’s likely a bot. To report a user as a bot, click on the three dots on their profile and then tap ” reports “. Instagram will investigate the account and take appropriate action if it is a spam bot. You can also use a service that helps you clear spam bots automatically by downloading lists of suspicious accounts and removing them daily.

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