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reconditioned stairlifts near me

Reconditioned stairlifts near me can be a lifeline for many people living at home with mobility problems, helping them to avoid having to move out of their own homes into specialist single-storey accommodation. While there are a wide range of new stairlifts available, many UK suppliers also offer reconditioned stair lifts that can be less expensive.

A reconditioned stairlift is a second hand device that has been refurbished by a company such as Multicare or another similar supplier. These devices go through extensive testing and are sold in great working order. They are still as safe to use as new models and offer all the benefits of a stair lift, but are often much cheaper than buying a new model.

The Benefits of Stair Lifts: Improving Quality of Life for Seniors and Those with Mobility Challenges

Some of the top brands, such as Stannah and Brooks, provide reconditioned stair lifts for purchase. Their reconditioned straight models, such as the Siena One, may appear more costly than those of a competitor, but they offer all the same important safety features and can be installed on almost any staircase. All reconditioned devices should be covered by a warranty and a guarantee of workmanship.

A few manufacturers, including AmeriGlide, also offer reconditioned stair lifts with financing arrangements at checkout. They partner with FirstBank to offer financing insured by the federal government for eligible buyers. Other sellers may have their own financing options, such as zero-interest credit cards or state and local financial aid. Purchasing a used device is an option that many people consider, especially when it comes to the cost of new stair lifts. Falls are a leading cause of injuries for seniors, and a stair lift can help to prevent them.

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