Kratom Energy Drink

kratom energy drink

When combined with kratom energy drink, kratom can enhance their effects by providing more mental clarity and a boost in mood. But it’s important to remember that mixing kratom with caffeine can have adverse effects on your heart rate and blood pressure, so you should always consult a medical professional before using this combination.

Kratom is a tropical plant related to coffee trees that grows in Southeast Asia. It contains alkaloids like mitragynine that act on the brain’s opiate receptors to alter mood and increase energy levels. People traditionally drink kratom leaves in tea or chew them for pain relief. They are also available in powder form for easy consumption.

The American Kratom Association reports that 10-16 million Americans use kratom regularly. Those who use it say they experience better focus, more motivation, and more restful sleep. Others report a calming effect that reduces anxiety and depression.

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Despite the many positive benefits, kratom has a dark side. According to a study published in Pharmacotherapy, more than 2,300 calls were made to the nation’s 55 poison control centers between January and June of 2019. Most of those people reported experiencing agitation, but other symptoms included seizures, a rapid heartbeat, and hallucinations.

Those who abuse kratom often take large doses to experience the most intense effects, and can even overdose on it. Maryanne Chai, a director at the Center for Living in New York, says she first encountered kratom when treating a teen who had used it as a tea to ease opioid withdrawal.

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