Diesel Engine Tuning

diesel engine tuningDiesel engine tuning is one of the most cost-effective and potent performance upgrades you can do to your diesel. However, it’s not for the faint of heart – with the right diesel performance specialist at your side you can see a big difference to the power output and torque of your diesel vehicle.

Mechanical diesel tuning (as with petrol engines) typically involves a tune or remap of the ECU which will increase fuel delivery and air/fuel ratio. Injection timing can also be tweaked to deliver a more powerful, linear torque curve, especially in the mid-range, where most diesel vehicles feel sluggish.

Internal modifications for modern diesels are more limited than with older mechanical engines but they can still add power and a more responsive driving experience. A turbo upgrade is a great option for mechanical diesels as it increases the flow of exhaust gas which helps to get the most out of the engine.

Unleash the Power: Diesel Tuning in Brisbane for Enhanced Vehicle Performance

Reprogramming or remapping of the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the most sophisticated way to get the most out of your diesel. An experienced mapper will be able to produce a custom “tune” that takes into account the limits set by your car manufacturer, allowing you to achieve good performance gains while keeping your engine safe and compliant.

Other popular diesel performance modifications are intakes, exhausts, and turbos but a remap of the ECU is by far the most cost effective. We recommend a reputable diesel tuning company who has the expertise to understand the complexities of your engine and to produce a tune that will maximise the performance potential of your engine.

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