Diesel Power Tuning

diesel power tuning

Diesel ecu tuning is the way to get more performance out of your 4WD without having to pay for a new engine. A tuner or programmer is a handheld device that can reprogram the factory engine management system (ECU) to add power at the push of a button. These devices are easy to install and will work on any diesel truck, regardless of engine type. JEGS offers a wide selection of diesel tuners and programmers from top brands like Bully Dog Technologies, Banks, DiabloSport, and Hypertech.

Most tuners have the ability to increase fuel mileage as well as more horsepower. Many people are under the impression that adding more horsepower will reduce fuel efficiency, but this is not necessarily true. Most modern diesel engines operate at peak power only a fraction of the time and using a performance tune that optimizes injection timing and boost pressure will increase the amount of energy that is derived from every gallon of fuel.

Diving into Diesel ECU Tuning: Optimizing Performance and Efficiency

Another benefit of a good quality tuner is that it will work with the stock air-to-fuel ratio, which means that you won’t have to worry about damaging the diesel engine by adding too much horsepower. The last thing that any diesel owner wants is to have their engine prematurely worn out by running it too hard.

Increasing power is a great way to make your truck more versatile, and many heavy haulers—people who drive big boats, 5th wheel trailers, or cabover campers—swear by their diesel-powered pickup trucks because they can tow loads up grades faster than gas-powered models and still get decent fuel economy. But some experts warn against using a tuner, especially if the rest of the truck is carrying a heavy load. Unless the truck is reinforced at the front and rear, a tuner can put too much stress on the transmission and cause damage that may not be covered by the warranty.

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