Top 3 Hookah Shisha Blends

In life, we mix foods and beverages to enhance flavors, mask unpleasant smells, or just for a change of taste or texture. For Hookah Shisha Blends smokers, mixing shisha tobacco is a great way to experience new tastes and get the most out of each session with friends.

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To help you out, we gathered some of the most popular shisha mix recipes that combine different tobaccos and brands. Try these combinations for a fresh and unique smoking experience that you will surely love!

This simple mixture is perfect for anyone who enjoys the fruity tropical flavors of their favorite summer drink. This combination combines Azure Tobacco’s most popular tropical blends, 40% Royal Raspberry, 40% Limoncello, and 20% Bermuda Mint to create the ultimate island escape. You’ll feel like you’re relaxing on a beach with your toes in the sand and the sea breeze in your hair.

There are a few flavors that translate very well into shisha and this is one of them. Flavors that are based on cocktail drinks tend to have simple, single-note flavor profiles and make for very fruity and refreshing smokes. Some of the best cocktail-themed shisha flavors include Starbuzz’s Blue Mist, a classic coca cola taste, or Love 66, which combines watermelon and passion fruit with floral notes for a tropical explosion. If you want to add a little something extra, consider combining this flavor with a strong watermelon or melon shisha blend such as Al Fakher’s Big Boy.

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