Las Vegas Dispensaries

Las Vegas has quickly become a cannabis destination. From big-name resorts with infused rooms and suites to a slew of dispensaries, the entertainment capital of the world offers a wide variety of ways to get your hands on legal marijuana. With a few exceptions, most of the las vegas dispensaries are located on or near The Strip. As is to be expected with the shopper-friendly environment of Las Vegas, many of the dispensaries boast a large selection of products and services.

How much does it cost to own a dispensary in Las Vegas?

For instance, The Dispensary NV is an award-winning shop that features pre-rolled joints and flowers as well as edibles and concentrates. Its Google reviews show that this dispensary is a fan-favorite among locals and tourists alike, primarily due to its excellent customer service and great product selection.

In addition to providing an impressive array of cannabis-infused products, this Las Vegas dispensary also holds events like The Infused Dinner Series and the High Times Cannabis Cup. The High Times event is a national competition that brings together cannabis industry professionals for educational sessions and product showcases.

While recreational cannabis is legal to purchase in Nevada, it’s important to remember that it’s still illegal to smoke or consume marijuana in public places like casinos, hotels and restaurants. If you do, you could face a fine of up to $600.

Thankfully, most Las Vegas dispensaries offer secluded smoking areas. Additionally, many hotels and resorts allow guests to enjoy cannabis in their rooms or suites as long as it doesn’t cause a disturbance.

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