How to Organize a Backpack for School

How to Organize a Backpack for School

If your How to Organize a Backpack for School is carrying around a heavy backpack all day, they’ll probably end up with headaches or even back pain. In fact, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 22,200 children received treatment for backpack-related injuries in schools, doctor’s offices and clinics in 2013. Make sure your child can carry their backpack properly by reducing the load to a manageable size. To start, check with the school to see if it’s okay to bring a lighter tablet instead of a heavy textbook. You could also ask if your child can use a locker to store books that are required for multiple classes. If this isn’t possible, ask if your child can leave the heavier books at home to cut down on their

Maximizing Space and Function: Tips for Organizing Your School Backpack

Next, empty the backpack and sort it into 3 piles. Put the heaviest items (books, folders, binders and notebooks) in the first pile, school supplies such as pencils, erasers and glue in the second and clothes and other daily or seasonal necessities in the third. Get rid of any trash, candy and toys that don’t belong in the backpack. If your child has a backpack tag, write a small checklist that will fit in the tag for your kid to refer to each morning. Attach the checklist to the backpack zipper tab and show your kid how to use backpack weight.

Encourage your kids to pack a water bottle in the side pouch of their backpack so it won’t be squished in between books. Also, most backpacks have extra pockets that are perfect for snacks. Tuck in a granola bar or some chopped fruits and veggies so your kid can snack on a healthy meal between class.

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