How to Create Custom Sticker Text With Canva

custom sticker text

Custom sticker text | Vinyl Status are a great way to express your personality, share important information, and add fun to everyday life. From promoting your small business to proudly reppin’ your favorite team, stickers are a versatile tool for sharing your message.

Make Custom Stickers Easily!

Create your own sticker in just a few simple steps with Canva. Upload a photo and choose from thousands of fonts to add your own unique touch to your sticker.

Whether you want to show your passions, flaunt your brand, or rep your favorite fandom, Canva has the perfect sticker for you. Simply add your message, choose your design, and get your print delivered fast.

What are the different sticker styles?

There are a lot of sticker options, so it can be hard to know which is best for you. We recommend trying out a few different designs to find the best fit for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Custom Text Stickers: Tips, Tricks, and Design Ideas

A kiss cut sticker is a type of die-cut that doesn’t cut through the backing paper, giving you a clean look before peeling and sticking. This is a popular choice for retail displays and DIY projects where you’re creating an intricate design.

Can I change the shape of my sticker?

Traditionally, stickers were printed in circular or square shapes. However, with the evolution of digital printing technologies, you can also design and order custom stickers in a variety of shapes.

If you’re not sure what shape to use, you can always ask a professional to help you design your sticker. They can also advise you on which colors to use, how to set up your design for printing, and even what material is best for your stickers.

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