CRB Carpet Machine – The Easiest Way to Clean and Scrub Carpets and Floors

crb carpet machine

A crb carpet machine is one of the best & easiest ways to clean & scrub commercial and residential flooring systems. The Stainless Steel body, compact construction and extremely low noise make these machines a must have in your cleaning business!

The counter rotating brushes agitate carpet fibers like no other machine. This enables the machine to break up tough soils, dirt and debris in the carpet fibers and remove them from the surface.

They also help to lift and push the pile of dirt into the holding chambers where the wand rinses them away. This method is extremely effective and leaves the carpet looking like new!

There are many different sizes of brushes available to fit all types of carpet and floors. The brushes are typically 10″, 15″, or 20″ wide and will provide a deep clean on carpets and floors alike!

A Guide to Choosing the Best CRB Carpet Machine for Your Deep Cleaning Needs

Brushes are also offered in a variety of colors. You can choose the color that best fits your needs!

Renovator Trays

Our patented Renovator attachments are stainless steel catch trays that mount to the front and rear of the machine. This allows for the removal of impacted dry soil and dry compound cleaners that are trapped in the carpet fibers. This process is far more effective than pre vacuuming and will remove a greater amount of soils from the carpet.

This allows for a much faster cleaning and drying time than a traditional scrubbing machine. This will save you valuable time and money on your job!

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