A Defender Custom Is a Great Investment

A defender custom can be a great way to have an authentic, one of a kind vehicle that has a lot of history and makes a statement about you. They are a popular choice for individuals that want to invest in something that will hold value and can also be a vehicle they can use to explore different places.

Who owns the new Defender?

A good defender custom will have an interior that looks and feels high quality but still retains the feel of being a classic defender. This example has a really nice leather with contrasting diamond-stitching throughout. It also has a real wood steering wheel which is classy and feels tough.

This example is built by Orlando based Safari HP, which does everything from frame-up cumplete rebuilds to a la carte upgrades. Their builds can be either fully powered by GM V8 engines or electric motors, and they’re built on galvanized chassis.

Despite their high performance capabilities, Safari HP’s Defenders are very well balanced and easy to drive around town. Their regenerative braking system is tuned to slow down the truck quickly in linear fashion and is very effective on bumpy roads.

It’s also quite economical, especially compared to other all-terrain SUVs. With a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine, this defender is capable of an EPA-estimated 19 mpg combined which is much better than many of the other all-terrain SUVs we’ve tested.

The only downside is the limited number of options available. These options can make the car more expensive to customize than a new defender but the extra customization is worth it if you love your car and need a unique design to stand out from the crowd.

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