Round Stickers Are Versatile and Custom

round stickers

Printed in full color on your choice of materials, round stickers are versatile and customizable. They’re perfect for a wide variety of uses, including product labels, weddings, water bottles, and more. Custom 1″ round stickers are a great size for logos, text, and images.

Available in multiple circle stickers | Vinyl Status styles, including die cut, kiss cut, and clear stickers. Choose from many material options, including white high-gloss vinyl and rolls made of textured materials that are waterproof.

What are the different types of stickers?

Single Cut Stickers are kiss-cut to your sticker shape on a sheet of pre-printed stock. These are the most popular way to print your custom label, and they look great!

Border Cut Stickers are produced by following the edge of your design to produce a sticker that perfectly mirrors your kiss-cut shape. They have a white border around the edge of your artwork, so be sure to provide the correct edge line.

Creative Ways to Use Round Stickers for Your Brand

Die Cut Stickers are one-of-a-kind, and they give your design more emphasis because it’s not stuck in a square or circle. They can have pointy corners or curved sides.

What are the differences between die-cut and transfer stickers?

With transfer stickers, the spaces between shapes/letters are completely cut out. These are a very popular choice for custom labels because they look so cool and have no white paper backing to distract from the image on the front of the sticker. These are also a very affordable option for any custom sticker.

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