Benefits of Interior and Exterior Digital Signage

With the rise of digital technology, many businesses have begun to add interior and exterior digital signage to their business, such as restaurant menu boards. A Cleveland area business owner, Bill Marble, recently replaced the old letterboard sign outside his Dairy Queen with a full-color electronic message center. After much research, he spent $28,000 to upgrade the sign and installed a high-quality LED screen with digital content.

What are the types of digital signage?

Another benefit of exterior digital signage is its ability to integrate interactive features. Interactive displays allow customers to explore menus and specials and can attract people who would otherwise not be interested. These types of signs are often associated with upscale restaurants and shops. Interactive digital signage is especially effective for informational purposes. In addition to engaging visitors, it can be a powerful marketing tool.

Outdoor digital signs can be used in both shady and bright areas. In areas with direct sunlight, digital signs may become damaged by too much light. In such cases, businesses should consider shady locations to save energy and extend the life of the signs. Then, they can choose LED signs that are able to withstand direct sunlight.

Outdoor LCD signs are a cost-effective option if space is limited. High-resolution LCD displays can provide sharp images even at low viewing distances. In addition, they are smaller than traditional LED signs. LCD outdoor signs are also a popular choice for mall signs, directories, menus, and other outdoor applications.

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