What to Look For in a Recruitment Agency

A Recruitment agency charges a fee for each successful hire it makes. This fee is based on a percentage of the new employee’s salary. It is paid directly by the employer, not by the employee. A recruitment agency maintains a strong list of contacts, and is likely to enjoy repeat business. However, be careful when hiring an agency. Not all agencies are the same. Be wary of agencies that demand payment upfront. They may be out to take advantage of you.


One of the most important things to look for in a recruitment agency is experience and expertise in the particular industry or job title you are seeking. Experienced recruiters have a clear understanding of current industry trends and what skills are in high demand. They also have experience working with different types of institutions. For example, a large urban hospital has a different set of requirements than a rural clinic or a private camp. Experienced recruiters have an understanding of industry needs and are better equipped to match the right candidate to a specific role.

It can be difficult to distinguish one recruitment agency from another, so it is important to look for one that is specialised in the field you are looking to join. You should also consider whether the agency is a member of a trade body. If the recruitment agency is a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, it is more likely to be a genuine member of the industry. Source : lucrezineuropa.com

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