Characteristics of a Good Citizen

Good citizens should have a variety of interests and abilities. This way, they will be better able to contribute to the economy and cultural wealth of their country. Furthermore, they should be available for public service. They should be ready to join the armed forces, be available to defend their country during national emergencies, and be willing to serve on juries and other positions.

Why should you be a good citizen?

A fun way to illustrate this concept is to divide students into eight groups and have one student draw a picture of a specific person in the middle of a large sheet of paper. Each group will then brainstorm the qualities that this person possesses, writing them around the person. Before students get to work on their group sheets, it may be helpful to model a discussion on the importance of First Responders in society. If students are able, take them on a “gallery walk,” and they will be able to add their characteristics of a good citizen to those of other groups. They can then discuss these common characteristics during a whole-group discussion.

The HEXACO personality traits are positively correlated with good citizenship, including honesty-humility, emotionality, and extraversion. Those with these traits are likely to be community-oriented and agreeable. In contrast, those who display traits of narcissism are self-centered, centered on themselves, and do not care about others.

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